Joining Headspring

In December, I accepted an employment offer from Headspring and began a new chapter in my career. Honestly, I was not planning on blogging about this change. I even took down the “about me” page on this blog because it was out of date and I didn’t feel like updating it. However, this experience has been and continues to be amazing. Let me tell you why.

As I started my employment, I learned about their core values and was intrigued by the operational transparency. I was skeptical. My life experiences had taught me that core values were ideals which were just printed on paper and available on internal and external company websites. I had also heard the buzz of transparent management but never saw it practiced. Over the past three months, my skepticism has been erased.

Today, I believe in what I do. I am proud of how I do it. There is a different vibe here that I haven’t experienced before. I am surrounded by folks who are driven by a common belief of finding a better way to do business, a better way to build software, and a better way to run a company.

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