A Few Web Development Resources

This morning at work, I walked past Tim Thomas’ desk and noticed he was doing some fancy wire framing with Balsamiq. On his other monitor, I saw the development version of the wire frame implementation and was impressed with the look and feel. More specifically, the smoothness of the user interface and how nicely the colors fit together. He quickly pointed me at some resources he uses to do make this magic happen. Here they are:

  • Nerdi – A collection of web development resources. From toolkits, to frameworks, to documentation, and all sorts of goodness.
  • Font Awesome – An iconic font.
  • kuler – A color scheme generator.

More stuff for me to play with. It’s times like these I wish I had a more innate ability to work with colors and design. It reminds me of the time I attempted to use another color scheme generator and quickly learned that the tool alone would not help my bad design. It only color coordinated it.


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