Home Projects for 2015

Last year with the help of my father-in-law, we started our home garden. We made a number of mistakes. Such as:

  • Putting garden beds next to the foundation. The watering caused a lot of erosion that, if continued, may result in costly foundation problems.
  • Planting randomly. We planted things we commonly used like Thai chili peppers, Serrano peppers, Habanero peppers, Thai basil, mint, lemon grass, Thai egg-plant, bell peppers as we created the garden beds without planning.

As a result, we are doing some planning while I build out two 12×4 foot raised garden beds about 6 feet away from the foundation. I am using 2×12 pre-treated wood to build the beds and planing on getting about 3.5 cubic yards of garden soil from a local nursery to start the beds.

Other projects this year include:

  • Composting bins – we have enough kitchen and garden waste to cut our cost of commercial compost and other garden products.
  • Rain water collection system – we spent a lot on water last year and I am confident we can cut it by collecting and using rain water as our primary garden water source.
  • Building out Grandma’s pantry – we wasted some of our garden produce this year and want to make the best of this year’s bounty by storing it. Additionally, we always run to the store at the last-minute to prepare our holiday meals and want to get ahead of it this year.

There are plenty of other home projects we want to complete and we may do more this year. But we have to start somewhere, and these three projects are a good spot to start.

More details on each as we roll them out.

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