Houston TechFest 2013

Houston TechFest 2013 is around the corner. This is a free to the public (except for parking) event with a number of great presentations and exhibits taking place at the Reliant Center on September 28.

I will be giving my Up and Running with RavenDB presentation for the third time. Although, I have revamped it by incorporating the feedback I received from earlier events.

Hope to see you at my session!

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RavenDB Quick Start Screencast

I have created my first screencast ever! I am probably just being way to critical, but having watched it I noticed a ton of things that I could have done better. I learned a lot and it was fun! So I will probably do more of these in the near future.

At any rate, here is the video. I hope you enjoy it.

Before I forget, I should mention that will be presenting a session on RavenDB at the following venues:

Intro to RavenDB at Austin Code Camp 2012

If you would like to see the source code for the Depot Application in MVC 3 with RavenDB presented towards the end of the presentation, it is available on GitHub.

Don’t forget to check out the upcoming Central Texas GiveCamp! I am really looking forward to seeing the developer community get together to give to charity.

Two SharePoint 2010 Webinars for Developers

Andrew Connell, a SharePoint MVP, hosted two introduction to SharePoint 2010 webinars for developers over the last couple of days in conjuction with DevExpress. These were a really good concise introduction to SharePoint development. I would recommend that anyone who is interested in getting started with SharePoint development take a couple of hours to check these out.

Intoduction to SharePoint 2010 for Developers

This webinar is also available on the DevExpress Channel.

SharePoint 2010 Data Access

This webinar is also available on the DevExpress Channel.

Andrew was also kind enough to publish a wrap-up blog post with links to additional references.

Development and Design Guidelines for .NET Framework 4

Ran across Krzysztof Cwalina’s MSDN blog while reading Microsoft .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise (PRO-Developer). Lot’s of good content here regarding development and design guidelines for using the .NET Framework. The official design guidelines for developing class libraries with the .NET Framework 4 can be found on MSDN.