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Am I Doing Dynamic Views with AngularJS Right?

I have played around with a lot more JavaScript and single page applications (SPAs) as of late. More specifically, I have fiddled with AngularJS in my most recent personal project and it has been a lot of fun. However, client … Continue reading

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RavenDB Document Identifiers and MVC Routes

Following my recent post about getting started with RavenDB, I decided to work on a small shopping cart demo application based on the sample depot application that is written in part 2 of Agile Web Development with Rails when I … Continue reading

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TODO: When Creating a New ASP.NET MVC Project

Michael Kennedy put this great little blog post together outlining 9 things we can do when starting a new ASP.NET MVC 3 project. It’s a good starting point since the MVC 3 web application template is already out of date … Continue reading

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A Few Web Development Resources

This morning at work, I walked past Tim Thomas’ desk and noticed he was doing some fancy wire framing with Balsamiq. On his other monitor, I saw the development version of the wire frame implementation and was impressed with the … Continue reading

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Two SharePoint 2010 Webinars for Developers

Andrew Connell, a SharePoint MVP, hosted two introduction to SharePoint 2010 webinars for developers over the last couple of days in conjuction with DevExpress. These were a really good concise introduction to SharePoint development. I would recommend that anyone who is … Continue reading

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